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06.11.2019 08:43
Life is like chewing Antworten

Life is like chewing gum chewed in your mouth. In the inadvertently, it is getting lighter and weaker. When you are more and more boring, when you are idle, some people are used to chewing a piece of chewing gum in their mouths to use it to ease loneliness Parliament Cigarettes. When chewing, the look that is utterly indifferent is full of impatience with boring time. Perhaps the birth of chewing gum is so small that it has no big effect. It is just used to waste time, perhaps for whitening teeth and fresh breath. He is inconspicuous in life. However, with this little piece of chewing gum, you can also realize something that is floating in the life, like the chewing gum in your mouth, the more you chew it. When the gum was just imported, it was so cool and sweet. As time goes by, the sweetness of the mouth is getting lighter and thinner Newport 100S, and you can spit out this plain and tasteless glue. Just like the former sweet and light life, the latter half is not bitter but boring. When your days are getting more and more dull and boring can't be boring, can't you give up your life? The face of this face always has to face, what kind of life has passed. You can change this with your own great heart, so that your life is no longer like chewing gum. Life that floats like a scent, like the chewing gum in your mouth, the more you chew it. Chewing gum can stick to your life Marlboro Cigarettes, and it will also make people who don't want to change hate it. Those people hope that chewing gum will always be sweet in their mouths, and they hope that their lives will always be sweet and sweet. But the reality tells them that the chewing gum is getting less and less changed, they hate chewing gum, and it will be a pity and sadness for it to become lighter and thinner. Life that floats like a scent, like the chewing gum in your mouth, the more you chew it. When chewing gum sticks to your life, please don't let your people live. You must try to love life and try to break away from the gum-like life. Do not make people become more and more boring life, really like the chewing gum in the mouth, the more chewed? no, I can not! Believe in yourself, life will be more exciting

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